Core Services

Security Audits & Assessments

Security Risk Management compass

Our flagship service, our team are experts at conducting quick-look security audits, security operations assessments and comprehensive risk, threat and vulnerability assessments. We coordinate these activities with your staff and keep you informed at every step throughout the process.

Compliance Auditing

Auditing for program compliance.

Have questions about whether your staff are following proper security procedures and your management is adequately enforcing existing policies? We audit your policies, plans and procedures and assess any gaps between what you say you do and what you actually do.

Resiliency Planning

Documenting resiliency activities for a business.

Many businesses fail because they don't plan for emergencies. We help by ensuring you understand your business processes, how they impact other areas within your business and whether your supply chain vendors will support your operations during times of natural or man-made disaster. 

Expert Witness Testimony

Swearing on the Bible before providing testimony

We provide expert witness services to clients to assist them in resolving their security- or risk management-related legal matters. This includes pre-trial research and reports, deposition and trial testimony services.

3-D Mapping Services

Exterior 3-D map showing the rooms of a 5,000 sf, 3 floor residence

3-D Mapping allows planners to visualize security equipment locations, vulnerability points and other areas of interest. We work with your facility management representatives to map all of your site's critical locations or particular areas of interest.

Short-Term Security Contracts

Contract between client and consultant

Have full-time security needs but not the dedicated security budget? We provide variable length security and risk management consulting contracts designed to meet your needs without breaking your budget.