About Us

Two personnel conducting and assessment of overhead equipment

Our Experience

Established in 2012 and based in the Washington, DC area, S3SDC has a team of industry-acknowledged experts that use proven methodologies based on industry standards and best practices to provide you with the highest-quality security-related products and services. These services include detailed physical security assessments, compliance auditing, business case study development, business continuity planning and a variety of other services. Talk to us today about how we can help your organization reduce its risk profile and improve its business resilience.

Following the documented process and noting the results.

Our Approach

Our team works with your representatives to identify your requirements and provide end-to-end servicing that includes project plans with timelines and milestones, cost analyses and schedules. S3SDC will also provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports that outline the appropriate strategy to meet your needs and provide the roadmap to get you there. We offer a suite of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That's how we ensure your success!

Forging a lasting business relationship with the client

Why Us?

Business relationships are key. We have a stake in your ultimate success, and our overriding focus is to achieve your security, risk and resilience goals. As such, we devote our time, resources and reputation to assist you in meeting your strategic security goals. Whether you're seeking a long-term relationship or just a specialized skillset for a short-term physical security consulting project, contact us today. Together we'll develop and refine and effective plan to assure your ultimate business success.